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[Webprog]  PHP 5.2.8 Released


PHP 5.2.8 がリリースされたようです。今回のリリースはmagic_quotes_gpcの問題で配布停止されたPHP 5.2.7に替わるものです。すべてのPHPユーザーに対してアップデートを推薦しています。必要のある方はアップデートしましょう。

PHP 5.2.8 Release Announcement

PHP 5 ChangeLog

PHP 5.2.8:

The PHP development team would like to announce the immediate availability of PHP 5.2.8. This release addresses a regression introduced by 5.2.7 inregard to the magic_quotes functionality, that was broken by an incorrect fix to the filter extension. All users who have upgraded to 5.2.7 are encouraged to upgrade to this release, alternatively you can apply a work-around for the bug by changing "filter.default_flags=0" in php.ini.
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[Webprog]  PHP 5.2.7 has been removed from distribution 配布停止


PHP 5.2.7 の配布が停止されたようです。PHP 5.2.7を導入されている方は次バージョンのPHP 5.2.8へアップデートするかPHP 5.2.6へ戻す必要があります。

PHP 5.2.7 has been removed from distribution

Due to a security bug found in the PHP 5.2.7 release, it has been removed from distribution.The bug affects configurations where magic_quotes_gpc is enabled,because it remains off even when set to on.In the meantime, use PHP 5.2.6 until PHP 5.2.8 is later released.
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[Webprog]  PHP 5.2.7 Released


PHP 5.2.7 がリリースされたようです。今回のリリースはいくつかのセキュリティーフィックスと120項目以上のバグフィックス、それによる安定性の向上が期待出来ます。すべてのPHPユーザーに対してアップデートを推薦しています。必要のある方はアップデートしましょう。

PHP 5.2.7 Release Announcement

PHP 5 ChangeLog

Security Enhancements and Fixes in PHP 5.2.7:

  • Upgraded PCRE to version 7.8 (Fixes CVE-2008-2371)
  • Fixed missing initialization of BG(page_uid) and BG(page_gid), reported by Maksymilian Arciemowicz.
  • Fixed incorrect php_value order for Apache configuration, reported by Maksymilian Arciemowicz.
  • Fixed a crash inside gd with invalid fonts (Fixes CVE-2008-3658).
  • Fixed a possible overflow inside memnstr (Fixes CVE-2008-3659).
  • Fixed security issues detailed in CVE-2008-2665 and CVE-2008-2666.
  • Fixed bug #45151 (Crash with URI/file..php (filename contains 2 dots)).(Fixes CVE-2008-3660)
  • Fixed bug #42862 (IMAP toolkit crash: rfc822.c legacy routine buffer overflow). (Fixes CVE-2008-2829)
  • Fixed extraction of zip files and directories with crafted entries, reported by Stefan Esser.
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