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[Server]  Apache HTTP Server 2.2.20 Released

2011/08/31(Wed) 11:39:47

「Apache Killer」Range header DoS vulnerability Apache HTTPD 1.3/2.x (CVE-2011-3192) への対応修正版 Apache HTTP Server 2.2.20 がリリースされました。

Changes with Apache 2.2.20
*) SECURITY: CVE-2011-3192 (
core: Fix handling of byte-range requests to use less memory, to avoid
denial of service. If the sum of all ranges in a request is larger than
the original file, ignore the ranges and send the complete file.
PR 51714. [Stefan Fritsch, Jim Jagielski, Ruediger Pluem, Eric Covener]

*) mod_authnz_ldap: If the LDAP server returns constraint violation,
don't treat this as an error but as "auth denied". [Stefan Fritsch]

*) mod_filter: Fix FilterProvider conditions of type "resp=" (response
headers) for CGI. [Joe Orton, Rainer Jung]

*) mod_reqtimeout: Fix a timed out connection going into the keep-alive
state after a timeout when discarding a request body. PR 51103.
[Stefan Fritsch]

*) core: Do the hook sorting earlier so that the hooks are properly sorted
for the pre_config hook and during parsing the config. [Stefan Fritsch]

[Apache 2.1.0-dev includes those bug fixes and changes with the
Apache 2.0.xx tree as documented, and except as noted, below.]

Changes with Apache 2.0.x and later:



Apache 2.2.20 Download

Apacheの脆弱性を攻撃するツール Apache Killer 対策

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